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Dashboard FAQs

This document is updated periodically. Last update 1/22/18

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C21 Online
For Technical Support, please contact the Help Desk at 877.221.2765 Option #1 or via email at: C21support@century21.com so your issue can be formally logged for prompt troubleshooting and resolution. Help Desk representatives are available 24 hours a day Monday - Friday, and 7 a.m. - midnight (ET) on weekends.

I don't know how to use the Dashboard.
Go to the Dashboard Training tab, where you will find a whole list of short videos walking you through how to use most features of the dashboard. The videos are listed in order or very general to more specific, building upon knowledge. Need an answer to a specific question, email marketing@judgefite.com.

I don't remember my password.
We no longer have access to your password, but we can reset it for you. Contact your AA who can assign you a new password. You always have the ability to edit your own password under My Profile > Edit My Contact Information.

Can you see my contacts?
We do not have access to any of your contacts. Each person only has access to their own account and their own contacts while affiliated with our company.

IT Helpdesk
If you experience an issue that is not urgent, email us at ITHelpdesk@judgefite.com and it will create a ticket in our system. Our entire IT Team can see your request and respond accordingly.

Some things to remember:

  1. Please be sure to provide us with as much information in the email as possible so we can better serve you. This includes contact information if you prefer us to call you back.
  2. The system is designed to increase our response time significantly.
  3. The system will help us keep track of recurring and previous issues, which will decrease the time it takes for us to fix the problem.
  4. If you have an urgent issue, you can always call us at 214-356-3987 (Mike) or 469-503-1129 (Sean).


I can't get my new profile photo to upload.
Make sure that your photo is sized no more than 200 x 400 pixels. If you continue to have problems after insuring that your photo is sized properly, visit with your AA to assist you.

I did "Edit My Profile" under "My Profile", but I don't see my updated information.
Bio updates have to go through a verification process, which we try to make sure is done several times per week.

My free agent IDX website isn't pulling up.
If your free agent IDX website isn't pulling up or if it flips over to our company's public website, have your AA or Regional Sales Manager edit your profile and make sure the "Agent IDX Website" box is checked. If they are not available you can contact bruceerickson@judgefite.com to check this.


I pasted a picture into an email, but when my recipient received it, there was just a big blank spot.
To insert an image into an email, you need to use the "insert image" icon that is in the editing toolbar of the email message setup screen. If you tried to do something like copy and paste from Word, you may think the image is there but it won't really be saved to send. Check the how-to video on the Training tab to see how to use the insert image icon.

If you set up your email correctly using an image URL, it's most likely that your recipient needs to do something on their end to allow images in your message to show. This is a safety feature that many people and many email systems have by default.

My recipient said they never received my email.
Most likely, your email address is being blocked by their spam filters. Some ISPs can even run spam filters and remove your message before your email ever makes it to their "spam" or "junk mail" folder on their email reading program. This can even happen with emails that you send to a personal email address outside of your judgefite.com one - such as myname@att.net.

Sometimes, words in your subject line can trigger spam filters. Things such as FREE! are known triggers.

The best way to prevent this from occurring is to never mark email from another Judge Fite agent or staff as spam (since one email getting marked as spam could potentially affect the whole company); and to never send emails that some of your recipients might consider spamm-ish and mark as spam. Highly relevant content that your contacts want to receive, and audience who has requested to receive email from you, is the best defense.


"My listings" aren't appearing up in my dashboard or on my free agent IDX website.
Make sure that your agent license # is showing properly when you go to My Profile > Edit My Contact Information. If it is not, ask your AA or Manager to update it for you.

No property information at all is showing up when I go to Properties and perform a search.
Allow 48 hours for the listing to cycle through systems (it’s usually faster!) If you still aren't seeing any property information at other times, ask your AA to go in and edit your profile and make sure that there is a checkmark next to Texas as the MLS.

Where do listings feed from?

They feed from NTREIS and a series of additional systems through C21 and independent parties to operate our Dashboard.

How often is the feed updated?
Currently it is updated twice per day.

I have a new listing but it's not on the dashboard yet.
Once the listing has been uploaded to MLS, it can take up to 48 hours to appear on the dashboard, depending upon how quickly MLS makes it available for our feed to pick it up. If it has been longer than 48 hours, email bruceerickson@judgefite.com with the MLS number to check into the feed.

My listing is missing photos that are on MLS.
This is usually a glitch in the data feed, and when it happens to one listing it randomly affects many. Email bruceerickson@judgefite.com with the MLS number to check into the feed.