Company FAQ

Q: Was Judge Fite a real Judge?
A: No, Judge was his real name….Judge is a family name spanning several generations before and after him. One of the Fite ancestors was a well thought of Judge.  When Judge B. Fite’s father was born, he was named Judge A., then his son was the founder of Judge Fite Company – Judge B. Fite, then his first born son is Judge C and then his son is Judge D.

Q: Does Century 21® own Judge Fite Company?
A: No, each office in CENTURY 21 is independently owned and operated. Our company is incorporated as Judge Fite Company, Inc. and owns multiple Century 21® franchises. (And is the largest Century 21® company in Texas!) The company is owned by Jim Fite and Jan Fite Miller and other qualified/eligible employees and Real Estate Professionals within the company.

Q: When was CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company founded and by whom?
A: The company was founded as a real estate, insurance, and mortgage company in 1937 by Judge B. Fite and operated under the name Judge Fite Company, Realtors® until 1997 when the company became a part of the Century 21® franchise system.

Q. Who currently manages CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company?
A: Judge Fite Company is a “Family” organization. Jim Fite, President and Jan Fite Miller, Executive Vice President (brother/sister), along with their Management Team of over 20 Leaders with over 400 years of collective real estate experience.  When you join Judge Fite Company, you join the Judge Fite Family!

Q: Why did Judge Fite Company join Century 21?
A: Century 21 offered Judge Fite Company multiple benefits such as: International Brand; Proven Systems; Unsurpassed Marketing Tools; International Relocation Clients; Proven Training Systems; Cutting Edge Technology; and much much more!

Q: What makes Judge Fite Company stand out in real estate firms in North Texas?
A: The Core Values – Judge and Dene Fite are the cornerstones of the company having taught their children Honest, Integrity, Ethical Standards and to “Do the Right Thing” in business.  The foundation of the company is Strategic Planning.  Each year the company goes through an extensive Strategic Planning process to insure Quality Service for its clients and real estate professionals benefit.

Q: What are “core services”?
A: Core Services are the affiliate companies, subsidiaries, partnerships or business relationships of the Judge Fite Company. The core services companies were established to meet the growing needs of our customers’ surveyed desire for a One Stop Shop to serve their real estate needs. They include:

Cardinal Financial
Judge Fite Insurance
Judge Fite Management Company
Judge Fite Relocation
Judge Fite Commercial
RECT (Real Estate Career Training)
Connections Network

Q: How does Judge Fite Company grow its company?

A: Since 1937, Judge Fite Company has been an entrepreneurial company that since 1997 has been affiliated with the #1 real estate brand in the world, Century 21.  Through this combination and focus on tools, systems, marketing, training, and expanded services Judge Fite Company’s referral base continues to expand its quality reputation.

Q: Is Quality Service important to Judge Fite Company?

A: Absolutely, the only way Judge Fite Company has stayed in business since 1937 is through “word-of-mouth” advertising!  Every client is surveyed after closing.  Each office has a goal of winning a Quality Service Award from Century 21 annually.  Our goal is 100% Quality Service!

Q: How are Quality Service issues resolved?

A: Communication is the #1 key to Quality Service.  Most issues begin with “lack of or miss” communication.  When an issue arises, we hope that if it cannot be resolved through the Real Estate Professional, the client can always contact one of our Regional Sales Managers or Department Heads to help resolve the issue.

Q: What are some of the Awards and Honors that Judge Fite Company has won?

A:  Too many to name in an FAQ.  Some include:

  •  Art Bartlett 2100 Cup – Century 21’s most prestigious award
  •  Realtor of the Year – Judge, Jim and Jan plus numerous company leaders and real estate professionals have won this award in many of the North Texas Association of REALTORS
  • Best Company to work for in Texas – presented by Texas Monthly Magazine and the Texas Association of Business
  • Top 10 Century 21 Companies – Every year since joining the Century 21® franchise system
  • Company has been in the Top 10 of all Century 21 Companies worldwide
  • Quality Service Awards – Year after year Judge Fite offices and real estate professionals earn this award in the Century 21 System

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